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My Weird Shave Experience

There are quite a few things that happen on a regular occasion when you live in uni accommodation, one of those being that someone sets off the fire alarm. And, because Murphy’s Law must be obeyed, it will inevitably happen at the most inconvenient moment. Before Christmas, right as it was getting cold, I was going through my usual morning routine of showering, lathering up and shaving. I managed two of those three things before some undergrad living above me sat off the fire alarm. Out the absolute worst moments it can go off I think the moment you’re in your towel, have a face full of lather, and you’re concentrating on specifically not cutting your throat is about the worst. Possibly the worst, you tell me.

I got away with not as much as a nick even, but still had to walk outside to the gathering point while they searched the building just to make sure it didn’t burn down or anything. Now, let’s review my situation at this point: I’m in a towel, still damp, barefoot, with half a face of lather and it’s close to freezing outside on an overcast day at 9AM. So, what does one do? Well, one out of two things: either you do the whole “I’m not here, don’t look my way, oh god I’m really embarrassed about this” routine, or simply man.

With my straight razor tucked into my towel brim and a travel mirror in one hand I grabbed my back scrub for good measures, paraded outside the best way I know how, and proceeded to set up shop on a handy wall. One building search later I was freshly shaven and ready to meet the day.

So, what’s your oddest shaving experience?


(Also, even more bruises from practice yesterday… W00t!)

Push-ups: 33/45

Sit-ups: 36/70

Pull-ups: untested/14

3k run: 17:55/12:00

Need to improve sooo much… -.-


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