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You can either laugh or cry

You can either laugh or cry

I spent almost five hours in A&E on Monday due to a toe. That’s right, I went to A&E because of my big toe. It’s quite embarassing, really. As a martial artist you’re always secretly hoping to come out of A&E with some badly scraped knuckles, perhaps a broken rib or two, at the very least a bad-ass cut above the eye. The stuff you see in the movies, basically. It’s cool, sort of bad-ass, and it says “I ain’t going down without a fight.”

There’s also a massive amount of injuries which are not movie-cool, but serious enough to warrant massive kudos: concussions, a broken jaw or some fractured ocular bones, to name a few.

Then there’s the everyday injuries which are more like routine A&E visits to simply get the thing patched up: broken nose, broken finger, swollen ankles, torn muscles, and the like.

You’ll see that a toe does not appear in any of these three categories. That’s because a toe injury is about as cool as watching snails (unless you’re David Attenborough, in which case it’s about as cool as watching humans). Incidentally, it’s also one of the worst frickin’ things to hurt cause everything gets screwed up: you can’t kick properly, you’re movement is fecked, you’re constantly off-balance, and you’re mind is in overdrive trying to compensate for all this shit while it’s also trying to keep you alive long enough to counter and keep you in the fight.

Something’s gotta give at some point, it’s just inevitable. You’re fighting is shit, your motivation is dropping, you become unresponsive, and even the greenest rookie can easily bypass your guard. At least that’s how you feel, and all thanks to that toe which is now throbbing in pain and making your life hell.

So, now you have two choices: You can either laugh or cry. Laugh, smile, let the good drugs you’re body is pumping out do their job and force yourself onwards. Or cry, give up, stop pushing yourself and give in.

We all have bad days. Days we roll out of bed and nothing goes right. Days we just feel like the world is stacked against you. Those are the days you’ve really got to keep smiling, fine the good in the bad and simply persevere.

My toe threw off my fighting today, and it was a bad day for me. Nothing came together like it used to, and that was it. By the end of practice I was giggling like a fourteen year old girl. I was in pain because of a pathetic little bony joint, nothing felt right, and it was just too stupid to be upset about. So laugh, find the good parts of today (turn kick that found its target 😀 ), ignore the rest, and do better tomorrow.

HBS Fitness test Push-ups:
36/54   —-   Sit-ups: 41/70   —-   Pull-ups: 5/14   —-   3k run: 17:00/12:00
Goal for this week: 39/46/6+16:40


The 13 Virtues Perfect Day

I live my life according to 13 virtues, as set down by Benjamin Franklin himself. It’s my little way of keeping track of how I’m doing as a man, and so every night before I go to bed I sit down and reflect on my day and tick boxes in my day planner. Benjamin himself thought that the goal was not to tick them all every day, but to reflect on your day and thus simply try to improve a bit. Well, today I ticked them all.

Ok, I admit some may have been easier than others, such as the virtues of silence and humility as they require human interaction to perform. Not too much of that on a study day in uni, I’m afraid, but still. I watched my food intake, I spoke only when it benefitted the conversation, my room is clean and ordered again, I’ve ticked everything on my to-do list today, I was cautious with money when I went shopping, every moment today has been spent doing something industrious, everything I’ve said today has been sincere, I’ve been just in thought at least, I’ve moderated my behaviour, I’ve not been upset by trifles, Ive exercised, and stayed more or less humble. Although, this post is sort-of a brag post, but hey. When it is something to be proud of, it is not being un-humble. False humility is something I cannot stand. Seriously. If you’ve done something amazing, you’re allowed to think so.

On top of that I outperformed my own expectations on the military fitness test today, so go me! 43 push-ups 41 sit-ups, 5 hang-ups and 3k run in 16:17. The last two still needs massive improvements, but as I only recently got the hang-up bar and cardio I knew would be my weak point I’m prepared for that. Still, getting to this after summer is looking increasingly possible:

HBS Fitness test Push-ups:
41/45   —-   Sit-ups: 41/70   —-   Pull-ups: 5/14   —-   3k run: 16:17/12:00
Goal for nexr week: 42/46/6+16:00

If you wanna read more about the 13 virtues, click here: artofmanliness.com. It’s a blog run by Kate and Brett McKay, great source of anything manly.

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