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The 13 Virtues Perfect Day

I live my life according to 13 virtues, as set down by Benjamin Franklin himself. It’s my little way of keeping track of how I’m doing as a man, and so every night before I go to bed I sit down and reflect on my day and tick boxes in my day planner. Benjamin himself thought that the goal was not to tick them all every day, but to reflect on your day and thus simply try to improve a bit. Well, today I ticked them all.

Ok, I admit some may have been easier than others, such as the virtues of silence and humility as they require human interaction to perform. Not too much of that on a study day in uni, I’m afraid, but still. I watched my food intake, I spoke only when it benefitted the conversation, my room is clean and ordered again, I’ve ticked everything on my to-do list today, I was cautious with money when I went shopping, every moment today has been spent doing something industrious, everything I’ve said today has been sincere, I’ve been just in thought at least, I’ve moderated my behaviour, I’ve not been upset by trifles, Ive exercised, and stayed more or less humble. Although, this post is sort-of a brag post, but hey. When it is something to be proud of, it is not being un-humble. False humility is something I cannot stand. Seriously. If you’ve done something amazing, you’re allowed to think so.

On top of that I outperformed my own expectations on the military fitness test today, so go me! 43 push-ups 41 sit-ups, 5 hang-ups and 3k run in 16:17. The last two still needs massive improvements, but as I only recently got the hang-up bar and cardio I knew would be my weak point I’m prepared for that. Still, getting to this after summer is looking increasingly possible:

HBS Fitness test Push-ups:
41/45   —-   Sit-ups: 41/70   —-   Pull-ups: 5/14   —-   3k run: 16:17/12:00
Goal for nexr week: 42/46/6+16:00

If you wanna read more about the 13 virtues, click here: artofmanliness.com. It’s a blog run by Kate and Brett McKay, great source of anything manly.


Oh, bad timing…

I think I’m getting a throat infection. For the last week it’s felt as though I can’t swallow properly, so I’ll drop by the doc’s on Monday and schedule and appointment. I could phone them, but they’re on campus and only a five minute walk away so I’d probably feel really stupid phoning them. It’s kinda bad timing as the fight season is about to start up (hopefully), but what can you do, eh? And better now than before Selection, that’s for sure.

BJJ went well today, lot’s of stuff done. I need to work on my ground game, tho. I’m weak as hell in it.

Evening routine

I usually stay up pretty late (point in fact: I’m writing this at 2:54 AM), but that’s never prevented me from having an evening routine. This is something I’ve done since I was a wee kid. When I went to bed I was allowed to read in a book for half an hour before lights out. Before I could read my mother would do it for me, but that was more her routine than mine. It became mine when I started doing it for myself.

Over the years this has always stuck with me, and I’ve always read something before bed. Usually a fantasy book, sometimes an interesting article, blog post or comic book. It has also grown a bit, and has now become the following:

  • Decide to sleep, usually between the hours of 2 and 4 AM, to rise around 10 am.
  • Brush teeth, wash, etc.
  • Review today based on Franklin’s 13 Virtues, go over my short- and long-term goals and progress, plan tomorrow.
  • Find a good book and read for a bit, no more than 30 minutes.
  • Lights out, relax and sleep.

I’m guessing this is nothing to extraordinary, but I find it really helps me a lot. Same as with my mourning routine.

What’s your morning routine?

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