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This is why I wear wool

I’m going to totally and utterly fail my goal concerning weight, push-ups, sit-ups, hang-ups and anything else “-ups” for New Year’s. It’s called Christmas, or The Fattening as Norwegians think of it if food is anything to go by. I believe my base sustenance since the 23rd has been mainly fats, of one kind or another. Side of pork with fat on, side of lamb with fat on, bread dipped in said fat, the runnings used in the sauces, not to mention the huge amounts of this fat I’ve eaten! My father is far to good a cook.

I have been active, not too worry. Long hikes in the cold weather. Last time I got lost (yes, honest to God lost. Not just I didn’t know where I was for a moment, but walked in a circle for thirty minutes. Well done me), and spent an hour or so being soaked from the waist down as I went through the ice covering a bog. Not a huge problem, even with the cold weather, as I always wear wool closes to my body. Keeps you warm even if this happens 😀 After that the hike did go easier. Once you’re wet you stop caring about getting even wetter. Provided all precautions are taken, rivers and streams make excellent roads in the woods.


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